Inspired by a field of date palms in the Dead Sea region, the SAVAGE SOUL collection promises to be an oasis for Brazilians. With elements from semi-arid regions, deserts and savannas, Cholet’s winter 2020 pays tribute to the traveling woman who delights in exotic experiences. Like any explorer, WILD SOUL embraces versatility by presenting both flowing and flying pieces, as well as practical and utilitarian ones.

The color chart features mainly terracotta and beige, but shades of mustard and green break the earthy mood without losing the natural essence of the collection. For the more urban ones, the mix of black and white pieces are classic options. Animal print and the Oásis print, with palm trees and a lake, add touches of daring and fun to the productions.

Asymmetrical models, utilities, large volumes and long chemises revisit the oversize trend ensuring style and comfort. The high collars and maxi pockets also appear in the pieces, made with Rayons viscose, suede and the great highlight of the collection, Rayon’s crepe fabric.

Jeans, a key item in any wardrobe, also gain space with different finishes and developed exclusively for this winter, with dark washes, sewing effects and the news of ultra black rayon denim, which does not need washing, as it is the basis viscose.

For accessories, belts covered with leopard and crocodile prints are woven with stitched leather. Items that elevate the fashion information of any look.

  • CAMISA 2020405
    SHORT 5120404
  • VESTIDO 9020420B
  • CINTO 9920207
  • BLUSA 1020432
    CINTO 9920210
  • VESTIDO 9020421
    CINTO 992020426
  • CINTO 9920208
  • CHEMISE 9120420
    CINTO 9920204
  • BLUSA 1020434